Obtaining an API Key

Setup a Paperspace Account

Before you can use this tool, you'll need a Paperspace account. You'll use this account to obtain a Paperspace CORE API key. After creating your Paperspace account check your email to confirm your account before logging in.

Obtaining an API key

Once you have created a Paperspace Account you will need to obtain an API key. There is currently only one way to create an API key: from within the API section of your Paperspace console. Your API key allows you to access the Paperspace CORE APIs as well as other Paperspace products such as Gradient, an MLOps platform.

Creating an API key via your Paperspace Console

You can create an API key from within your Paperspace console under the API section. Login to your Paperspace console, visit your team settings page, locate the API section, and follow the instructions to create a new API key.
Note: You can copy actual the API key value associated with the API token name only at the time of initial creation.
You'll use the API keys to authenticate your requests.

Last modified 1yr ago