Node.js client


Option 1: Download the pre-built 'paperspace' binary for your plaftorm

Head over to the releases section to download the latest version of the paperspace CLI for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
After downloading, make sure the 'paperspace' binary is permitted to run on your system by marking its permissions appropriately. Also, add the directory containing the 'paperspace' binary to your path using a method appropriate for your platform.

Option 2: Install the paperspace-node package from npm

For this option you will need Node.js v8.12.0 or later. Check your Node.js version by running node -v. Node.js comes bundled with npm, the Node.js package management tool, which you'll use to install this package. Install the package using the -g option as follows:
npm install -g paperspace-node
We recommend installing the paperspace-node package globally so that the paperspace command will be available on your command line everywhere on your system. If you want to make it available only within an individual Node.js project, you can install it for use only in the current directory by omitting the -g flag.

Release Notes

You can view the Node.js client release notes here. CORE product release notes are available on the Paperspace changelog.
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