A template is a virtual machine encapsulated into a file, making it possible to rapidly deploy new VMs.

Paperspace Templates (Base Images)

Paperspace offers stock templates which include only the Operating System and Paperspace software. A list of base images can be found here.

Custom Templates

Note: There are some additional steps to create a Template from a Linux VM. To create a Linux Template, please follow these instructions.
A custom template can be created from an existing VM. The custom template contains the entire disk image of the original VM. Once a template has been successfully created, it appears as a custom template in the Templates tab in the console.
Limitations: Templates are Machine Type and Region specific. Therefore, if you create a P5000 Windows template in AMS1, that template can only be used to create more P5000 Windows VMs in the Amsterdam data center.
ProTip: Check out our guides for creating Windows and Linux Templates.
Custom Templates & Active Directory
Templates must not be AD joined. Templates are meant to include only the base operating system and programs/settings configured as needed. When a custom template is used to provision a new machine for an AD user, it will be automatically joined to your domain.

Custom Template Pricing

Snapshot pricing is based on the size of your instance.
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