Show machine information for the machine with the given id.

The state property can take on the follow values:

  • off

  • starting - machine is in the process of changing to the ready or serviceready state

  • stopping - machine is in the process of changing to the off state

  • restarting - combines stopping follow immediately by starting

  • serviceready - services are running on the machine but the Paperspace agent is not yet available

  • ready - services are running on machine and the Paperspace agent is ready to stream or accept logins

  • upgrading - the machine specification are being upgraded, which involves a shutdown and startup sequence

  • provisioning - the machine is in the process of being created for the first time

The updatesPending property is either true or false and reflects whether the operating system has scheduled updates for the next machine state transition, e.g, stopping, starting, restarting, or upgrading.

Note: in some cases, the operating system can force installation of critical updates immediately upon a state transition, or automatically restart a machine to install updates. In such cases, the updatesPending property may not always be set accurately by the underlying os.


# HTTP request:
GET /machines/getMachinePublic?machineId=ps123abc
x-api-key: 1ba4f98e7c0...
# Returns 200 on success
machineId: 'ps123abc',
}, function(err, res) {
// handle error or result







Id of the machine to show


machine - The machine JSON object

Type object

//Example return value:
"id": "ps123abc",
"name": "My Machine",
"os": "Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter",
"ram": "8589938688",
"cpus": 4,
"gpu": "GRID K160Q (2GB)",
"storageTotal": "53687091200",
"storageUsed": "110080",
"usageRate": "Air monthly",
"shutdownTimeoutInHours": 168,
"shutdownTimeoutForces": false,
"performAutoSnapshot": false,
"autoSnapshotFrequency": null,
"autoSnapshotSaveCount": null,
"agentType": "WindowsDesktop",
"dtCreated": "2016-11-18T05:18:29.533Z",
"state": "ready",
"updatesPending": false,
"networkId": "n789ghi",
"privateIpAddress": "",
"publicIpAddress": null,
"region": "East Coast (NY2)",
"userId": "u123abc",
"teamId": "te456def",
"scriptId": "sc123abc",
"dtLastRun": "2017-06-30T07:22:49.763Z",
"dynamicPublicIp": null,
"events": [
"name": "start",
"state": "done",
"errorMsg": "",
"handle": "8ebe43dd-57c8-4bd4-b770-86b7fd0202e4",
"dtModified": "2017-08-16T14:36:24.802Z",
"dtFinished": null,
"dtCreated": "2017-08-16T14:36:18.373Z"
"name": "start",
"state": "error",
"errorMsg": "Uh oh. This machine type can't start due to insufficient capacity or higher than normal demand. Please try again later.",
"handle": "f6adb486-f5ae-4ab3-9a1a-51c19df5b337",
"dtModified": "2017-06-09T15:32:38.115Z",
"dtFinished": "2017-06-09T15:32:38.115Z",
"dtCreated": "2017-06-09T15:32:37.019Z"
"name": "stop",
"state": "done",
"errorMsg": "",
"handle": "e352ad96-734f-4a26-8829-007c2f1d89f2",
"dtModified": "2017-06-03T04:14:01.327Z",
"dtFinished": null,
"dtCreated": "2017-06-03T04:13:47.885Z"