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Release Notes

Release Notes for 0.2.2a1

New features

  • add looking for new client version

Release Notes for 0.2.2a0

New features

  • added projects create command

  • added spinner for some long running commands

Release Notes for 0.2.1


  • renamed createAndStart commands to run for experiments and hyperparameters

Release Notes for 0.2.0a5


  • removed command group aliases

  • streaming logs for experiments createAndStart by default

Release Notes for 0.2.0a4

New features

  • new params for job create and hyperparameters create


  • fixed missing --experimentType when creating new single node experiment

  • deployments can be of TFSERVING type only

  • fixed autocomplete instructions

Release Notes for 0.2.0a3

New features

  • autocomplete for bash (GNU/Linux and iOS)

  • aliases in singular form for command groups

  • showing logs for experiments and jobs

  • restored and deprecated run command

  • workspace uploading for experiments

  • workspace upload progress bar

Release Notes for 0.2.0a2

New features

  • partial support for hyperparameter tuning

  • prompt for apiKey if not provided

  • deprecate login command

  • --ignoreFiles option for experiments create

  • --ignoreFiles and --workspace none options for jobs create


  • restore apiKey command

Release Notes for 0.2.0a1

New features

  • colorful error and help messages

  • removed paperspace-python run command

Release Notes for 0.2.0a0

New features

  • partial support for managing jobs, models and projects

  • filtering deployments list by project ID and model ID

  • reading logs of experiments and jobs


  • handling error response when listing experiments

Release Notes for 0.1.0

New features

  • experiments and deployments management

  • --apiKey for all commands for one-time api key overwrite

  • help messages for all commands and parameters

Release Notes for v0.0.19

New features

  • filtering experiments list with --projectHandle

  • paginating experiments list when does not fit the terminal width

  • added --modelType and --modelPath to experiments create


  • some minor bug fixes

Release Notes for v0.0.19a

New features

  • support for experiments API - creating, starting, listing, etc.

Release Notes for v0.0.18


  • Fix missing import

Release Notes for v0.0.16

New features

  • Add statsd agent support with StatsdClient


  • Fix crashing on converting to bytes in python < 3

Release Notes for v0.0.15

New features


  • Add custom headers to requests

Release Notes for v0.0.14

New features

  • Allow user to select preemptible machine types


  • Fix package.egg-info issue affecting Windows users downloading paperspace from PyPI

Release Notes for v0.0.13

New features

  • Allow user to select custom port mappings between container and host


  • Fix circular import bug causing problems for python2 users on v0.0.12

Release Notes for v0.0.12

New features

  • New cluster and machineType functionality supported: send jobs to a gradient-node based on the cluster name or clusterId

  • Send jobs to a specific node by specifying node attributes

  • Changed default handling of machineType: cluster preferences come first

  • Jobs create automatically records the git commit hash for local workspaces using git

Release Notes for v0.0.11

New features

  • New jobs machineTypes method for discovering available job machine types.


  • Minor doc fixes

Release Notes for v0.0.10

New features

  • paperspace-python run command for running python scripts unmodified on paperspace

  • run a python script, module, or command string remotely

  • run a executable or shell command remotely

  • use pip, pipenv, or a shell script to manage python dependencies

  • Improved docs


  • Minor doc fixes


  • The default machineType for paperspace-python is now P5000, since GPU+ machines are not yet available for jobs.

  • The default container image for paperspace-python is '' which adds python3 support to Google's '' container.

Release Notes for v0.0.9

New features