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The SDK makes it easy to launch Notebooks, Workflows, and Deployments programmatically using Python.


The SDK lets you programmatically interact with the Gradient platform. The SDK is designed for maximum flexibility and is useful in many different scenarios. Some examples include interactively launching Workflows and Deployments (model serving), or incorporating the SDK into your python project to build a custom workflow.

The SDK was built to be "pythonic" in the sense that everything is a python object. For example, you can add input parameters to any of the commands as a dictionary which you can then call as a function to unpack the dictionary. All create commands, e.g., create workflow, return the object's ID. These IDs can then be easily be chained together to create a pipeline. For example, you can query a model for its accuracy and compare that model to other trained models.

Get help anytime by calling the help function on any object.


The SDK is bundled with the Gradient CLI.


There's an overview page covering each section of the SDK starting here. We also offer some example commands here.