GitHub Badge - Run on Gradient

Run on Gradient Badge attached to a GitHub repo

How it Works

The "Run on Gradient" badge allows you to run a Gradient Notebook from any GitHub repository.

Using the "Run on Gradient" badge

Simply add the following code snippet to your on your public GitHub repo:



Workspace: When you launch a new notebook from this button, you will pull in the individual .ipynb file (specified in the snippet above) as a workspace. Optionally, if you would like to pull in the entire cloned GitHub repo as a workspace, append a ?clone=true query parameter.

Runtime: You can also optionally specify a Docker container to run this workspace in. You can point to any public container by appending ?runtime=paperspace/fastai where you replace paperspace/fastai with your container name.

Does this work with private GitHub repos?

Currently the 1-click "launch on gradient" button will only work with public GitHub repositories. If you would like to use a private GitHub repository or a container that is in a private registry, you can do so by clicking "Change instance type (advanced)" before running the notebook (or alternatively, visiting the "Create Notebook" page in the Paperspace Console.

Where can I find the "Run on Gradient" Badge

The badge can be found here: .

It looks like this:

Run on Gradient Badge