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Create a Project via the UI

How to create GradientCI or Standalone Projects

Create a GradientCI Project

GradientCI Projects allow you to connect a GitHub repository to your Project in order to automatically run experiments when you push new commits or open PRs.

Visit, click Create Project, and select Create GradientCI Project. Make sure you have installed GradientCI on the target repository to which you'll link your Project.

If you haven't yet connected your GitHub account, follow the prompts to grant access to your GitHub repositories and to your GradientCI App installation:

Then, select the GitHub repo from the dropdown list:

Create a Standalone Project

On the Projects page, click Create Project and select Create Standalone Project.

Provide a name and then click Create Project.

Get Your Project's ID

When using the CLI, or for collaboration or reference, it can be useful to specify a Project's ID.

Click any Project in the Projects List to navigate to its Project Details page, and then click the Project ID to copy the value to your clipboard: