A Gradient Project is a workspace for you or your team to run Experiments and Jobs, store Artifacts such as Models, and manage Deployments (deployed models). You can create a basic "standalone" project or a GradientCI project which provides more advanced CI/CD pipelining capabilities.

With Standalone Projects, you submit Experiments from the UI or CLI manually. To create a standalone Project via the Paperspace Console:

  1. Begin the Create Project flow and supply a Project name.

  2. Run Experiments manually for the Project via the Experiment Builder or the CLI. See instructions on installing the CLI, and instructions on how to run an experiment from the CLI.

GradientCI Projects allow you to run Experiments automatically simply by pushing code to a GitHub repository. See GradientCI for information on setting up our continuous integration service that will run a new experiment whenever:

  1. a new commit is pushed to the linked repo's default branch;

  2. a PR is opened against that default branch;

  3. a commit is pushed to such a PR's branch.