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Run on Gradient

Run on Gradient is the fastest way to share Gradient Notebooks on Paperspace.

Run on Gradient


Run on Gradient makes it easy to generate a button that anyone can use to launch a jupyter notebook on blazing fast GPUs.

Run on Gradient

With Run on Gradient, Paperspace offers better configuration options and provides more GPU machine types than any other cloud provider.

Run on Gradient badges bring interactivity to GitHub repos

Try the link builder below to create your own Run on Gradient link.


Link to container (List of base runtimes)

Link to machine (List of machines)


Add a valid Github repo
Run on Gradient

Configuration parameters

The following configuration parameters are available in Run on Gradient:

  1. Repo
  2. Container
  3. Machine type

Following are some examples of Run on Gradient links. The only mandatory parameter is the repo or .ipynb file to pull into the notebook. Container and machine type are optional.

ParameterRequiredQuery StringExample
Repository or fileYesNone

The container= and machine= parameters follow standard query string formatting rules.

Insert the ? symbol before the first query string and the & symbol after each query string unless it is last.

An example of a Run on Gradient link that features both container= and machine= query strings is as follows:

How to create the Run on Gradient button or badge

To apply the Run on Gradient button or badge in a GitHub repo, we can use the following syntax:


The HTML equivalent is:

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="Run on Gradient"/>

Remember to replace the notebook URL in this template with the notebook you want to link.

The Run on Gradient link will bring the end user to a Gradient Notebook in offline view.

Here is an example of such a notebook.

Run on Gradient offline view

From here the user will be prompted to sign up for a Paperspace account or to login via Google, Github, or Email.

New users may quickly signup for a free Paperspace account to run the notebook

After signing up or logging in, the user can now run the notebook!

Clicking the badge brings the user to a static notebook page where they may run the notebook