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Run on Gradient

This guide explains how to create a Run on Gradient button to let others clone and run any notebook file automatically on Gradient.


Run on Gradient is a badge for that makes any .ipynb file in a public git repo launchable in a notebook on Gradient equipped with a free GPU.

Example Run on Gradient badge.

Gradient Notebooks is a hosted Jupyter notebook service from Paperspace that requires no setup and provides free access to computing resources including GPUs.

How it Works

The Run on Gradient badge allows you to run a Gradient Notebook from any GitHub repository.

Clicking the badge brings the user to a static page where they can view the full contents of a notebook generated from the repository .ipynb file.

From this page, the user can either sign in or create an account to run the notebook for free.

Paperspace accounts are free and access to a free-tier GPU-backed notebook does not require a credit card.

Run on Gradient badges bring interactivity to GitHub repos

Clicking the badge brings the user to a static notebook page where they may run the notebook

New users may quickly signup for a free Paperspace account to run the notebook

Using the Run on Gradient badge

To use the badge, add the following code snippet to in a public GitHub repo:


The HTML equivalent is:

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="Run on Gradient"/>

Remember to replace the notebook URL in this template with the notebook you want to link.

The formula for the link is as follows:{github_file_path}.ipynb

Therefore if a file is located at, then the correct Run on Gradient link would be:


Workspace: When you launch a new notebook from this button, Gradient will pull in the individual .ipynb file (specified in the snippet above) as a workspace.

Optionally, if you would like to pull in the entire cloned GitHub repo as a workspace, append a ?clone=true query parameter.

Runtime: You can also optionally specify a Docker container to run this workspace in. You can point to any public container by appending ?runtime=paperspace/fastai where you replace paperspace/fastai with your container name.


Does this work with private GitHub repos?

Currently, the 1-click "launch on gradient" button will only work with public GitHub repositories.

If you would like to use a private GitHub repository or a container that is in a private registry, you can do so by clicking "Change instance type (advanced)" before running the notebook.

Alternatively, you can visit the "Create Notebook" page in the Paperspace Console.

Where can I find the Run on Gradient Badge?

The badge can be found here: .

It looks like this:

Run on Gradient Badge