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Remote Jupyter Kernel

This guide explains how to connect to remote Jupyter kernels through alternative IDEs.

Introduction to Remote Kernel

The Gradient Notebook is backed by a Jupyter Kernel which can be accessed remotely from a selection of IDEs including VSCode and PyCharm. This is an advanced feature accessible for Pro and Growth subscription plans.

To get started with using the remote kernel, just click the Access Remote Kernel button to access the URI needed for remotely connecting in the IDE.

Remote Kernel Modal

How to configure the remote kernel in VSCode

To run the remote kernel in VSCode, first install the Jupyter extension from the extensions panel. From the command palette , search for Specify local or remote Jupyter server for connections. Lastly, choose an Existing kernel and paste the URI from Gradient.

VSCode Kernel Connect

One way to confirm you are connected to the remote kernel is to confirm you have access to the kernel file system by running !ls / in jupyter notebook cell to confirm access.