Create a Notebook

Choose your Base Container

Notebooks can be created by clicking Create Notebook button on the Notebooks tab. There are two types of base containers:

Public Containers (Basic)

Click here to discover which Notebook Base Container will best suit your use case, then choose it from the options below:

Custom Containers (Advanced)

If you need to import an existing container, visit the Custom Containers section. Learn more here.

Choose the instance type

This is infrastructure that your notebook will run on. Our hardware is configured to work with the tools and packages in each of the provided containers.

Optional Settings:

Name your Notebook

Provide a friendly name for your Notebook in the text field


If you are a Gradient 1 (or higher) subscriber, you will have the ability to set a custom auto-shutdown interval.

If you are a Gradient 0 subscriber, your notebook will default to an auto-shutdown interval of 12 hours, to help avoid unexpected runtime charges. Once created, you can stop, start, fork, and swap out the instance type anytime.

Click Create

That's it! Your Notebook will start once it has been created. 🚀