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Gradient Notebooks

Gradient Notebooks is a web-based Jupyter IDE with free GPUs and IPUs.


Gradient Notebooks provides a web-based Jupyter interactive development environment backed by powerful Paperspace machines. Compared to other cloud-based notebooks, Gradient provides a better startup experience, a wider selection of free and paid GPU/IPU machines, and an unrivaled path to scale into production on the Gradient platform.

The Gradient Notebooks development environment.

Gradient Notebooks is used by data scientists and machine learning teams to explore data and code and build-out applications.

Where to start

If you're new to Gradient Notebooks, we recommend starting with the tutorial. It will help you create your first notebook and start getting acquainted with the system.

Notebooks Tutorial
Learn how to create a cloud notebook backed by powerful GPUs and bring along your own code or containers.

To learn how to configure a new notebook container and workspace, try the Runtimes section:


To learn about file management and persistent storage, try Files and storage:

Files and storage

To learn all about machines that are available to use with Gradient Notebooks, head over to the Machines section:


To learn about the terminal in Gradient Notebooks:


To learn about sharing and forking notebooks:


To learn about TensorBoard:


To learn about Run on Gradient:

Run on Gradient

To learn about accessing a remote kernel:

Remote Kernel