Public Profiles
Public profiles in Gradient are designed to make it easier to publish and discover machine learning projects on the Gradient platform. Currently they support sharing public notebooks.
Gradient Public Profiles are still in beta. The look and feel will change during this development phase. We welcome all feature requests and bug reports to continue to make this feature more powerful and rich.

Creating your public profile

To create your public profile, visit the Console and hover over your user/team icon at the top-right.
There, click Profile in the dropdown menu. This will take you to your current public profile. By default, your user or team handle is set to your auto-generated internal private workspace or team id (e.g. t98sga1).
Click Edit Profile to set your user or team handle, public profile description, and more.
Your user/team handle follows a GitHub-style convention and will be accessible at{your_handle}

Sharing public notebooks

Public notebooks are a new feature in Gradient. They allow you to run a Jupyter notebook and easily share it with others. A Gradient Notebook is actually an entire self-contained container with all libraries, dependencies, and files contained within it. This means that you can easily create complex ML applications without worrying about having others run install scripts, run into dependency management issues, and more.
Once a notebook is made Public it will show up under your public profile for others to view and fork into their own account.


Gradient Public profiles are still very much a work-in-progress. Notebooks are the first feature to be enabled for showing up on profiles, but soon we will be adding Projects, Models, Datasets, and more.
As always, we are eager to hear your feedback. Now go claim your user/team handle – we are excited to see what you build! 🙌
Last modified 8mo ago