Update a Machine


gradient machines update [OPTIONS]

Update attributes of a machine.




machineId (TEXT)

Id of the machine to start (required)

machineName (TEXT)

New name for the machine

shutdownTimeoutInHours (INTEGER)

Number of hours before machine is shutdown if no one is logged in via the Paperspace client

shutdownTimeoutForces (BOOLEAN)

Force shutdown at shutdown timeout, even if there is a Paperspace client connection

performAutoSnapshot (BOOLEAN)

Perform auto snapshots

autoSnapshotFrequency [hour|day|week|null]

Frequency at which to automatically create a snapshot of the machine

autoSnapshotSaveCount (INTEGER)

Number of snapshots to save

dynamicPublicIp (BOOLEAN)

If true, assigns a new public ip address on machine start and releases it from the account on machine stop