List Machines


gradient machines list [OPTIONS]

List information about all machines available to either the current authenticated user or the team, if the user belongs to a team. The list method takes an optional first argument to limit the returned machine objects.




params (JSON_STRING)

JSON used to filter machines. Use either this or a combination of following options

machineId (TEXT)

Optional machine id to match on

name (TEXT)

Filter by machine name

os (TEXT)

Filter by operating system used


Filter by machine RAM (in bytes)

cpus (INTEGER)

Filter by CPU count

gpu (TEXT)

Filter by GPU count

storageTotal (TEXT)

Filter by total storage

storageUsed (TEXT)

Filter by storage used

usageRate (TEXT)

Filter by usage rate

shutdownTimeoutInHours (INTEGER)

Filter by shutdown timeout

performAutoSnapshot (BOOLEAN)

Filter by performAutoSnapshot flag

autoSnapshotFrequency [hour|day|week]

Filter by autoSnapshotFrequency flag

autoSnapshotSaveCount (INTEGER)

Filter by auto shapshots count

agentType (TEXT)

Filter by agent type

dtCreated (TEXT)

Filter by date created

state (TEXT)

Filter by state

updatesPending (TEXT)

Filter by updatesPending

networkId (TEXT)

Filter by network ID

privateIpAddress (TEXT)

Filter by private IP address

publicIpAddress (TEXT)

Filter by public IP address

region [CA1|NY2|AMS1]

Filter by region

userId (TEXT)

Filter by user ID

teamId (TEXT)

Filter by team ID

dtLastRun (TEXT)

Filter by last run date