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Create a Machine via the CLI

Create a new Paperspace virtual machine

This page and the subsequent pages in this section document how to use the CLI to operate on Paperspace Machines.


gradient machines create [OPTIONS]

Create a new Paperspace virtual machine. If you are using an individual account, you will be assigned as the owner of the machine. If you are a team administrator, you must specify the user that should be assigned to the machine, either by specifying a user id, or by providing an email address, password, first name and last name for the creation of a new user on the team.




region [CA1|NY2|AMS1]

Name of the region (required)

machineType [Air|Standard|Pro|Advanced|GPU+|P4000|P5000|


Machine type (required), pick one

size (INTEGER)

Storage size for the machine in GB (required)

billingType [monthly|hourly]

Either monthly or hourly billing (required)


A name for this machine (required)


Template id of the template to use for creating this machine (required)


Assign a new public ip address on machine creation. Cannot be used with dynamicPublicIp


Assigns a new public ip address on machine start and releases it from the account on machine stop. Cannot be used with assignPublicIp

networkId (TEXT)

If creating on a specific network, specify its id

teamId (TEXT)

If creating the machine for a team, specify the team id

userId (TEXT)

If assigning to an existing user other than yourself, specify the user id (mutually exclusive with email, password, firstName, lastName)

email (TEXT)

If creating a new user for this machine, specify their email address (mutually exclusive with userId)

password (TEXT)

If creating a new user, specify their password (mutually exclusive with userId)

firstName (TEXT)

If creating a new user, specify their first name (mutually exclusive with userId)

lastName (TEXT)

If creating a new user, specify their last name (mutually exclusive with userId)

notificationEmail (TEXT)

Send a notification to this email address when complete

scriptId (TEXT)

The script id of a script to be run on startup. See the Script Guide for more info on using scripts