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There are a wide variety of Paperspace machines available on Gradient. This reference guide provides a list of available machines, prices, and the tier or subscription required to access each resource on Gradient.


Paperspace provides a wide variety of CPU, GPU, and IPU machines to Gradient users. New machine types are added regularly.


Customers using Self-Hosted Gradient can define their own machines. Contact Sales to learn more. Private clusters include a compute premium, which is detailed here. The following list is specific to managed machines.

Machine Autoshutdown

Paperspace allows you to set an autoshutdown time limit on all machine types. This is to prevent unnecessary account charges for long running Gradient processes. The autoshutdown timer can be set between 1 hour and 1 week. You may remove the limit but this should be closely monitored because it can lead to large utilization charges.

When using free-tier machines, the maximum autoshutdown timeout is 6 hours. This ensures we maintain fairness and capacity for the entire Paperspace community.

List of Gradient Machines

CPU Machines
Gradient offers affordable and high-end Intel-based CPU machines.
GPU Machines
Paperspace offers the widest selection of NVIDIA GPUs of any GPU cloud provider.
IPU Machines
Paperspace has partnered with Graphcore to provide 1-click IPU machines within Gradient Notebooks.

CPU Machines

Gradient offers a range of affordable and high-end CPU-only machines.

NameGPUMemoryvCPUsPriceNo Plan RequiredPro PlanGrowth Plan
C5-8 GB4 vCPU$0.08/hr✔️✔️✔️
C7-30 GB12 vCPU$0.30/hr✔️✔️✔️

GPU Machines

Gradient offers a range of dedicated GPU machines with single and multi-GPU configurations. Having a credit ard on file or upgrading to a specific subscription is required to unlock machines.

NameGPUMemoryvCPUsTFLOPS (SP)PriceMulti-GPUNo Plan RequiredPro PlanGrowth Plan
P40008 GB30 GB8 vCPU5.3$0.51/hr✔️✔️✔️
RTX40008 GB30 GB8 vCPUs7.1$0.56/hr✔️✔️✔️
RTX500016 GB30 GB8 vCPUs11.2$0.82/hr✔️✔️
P500016 GB30 GB8 vCPU8.9$0.78/hr✔️✔️
P600024 GB30 GB8 vCPUs10.9$1.10/hr✔️✔️
A400016 GB45 GB8 vCPUs19.2$0.76/hr2x✔️✔️
V10016 GB30 GB8 vCPUs14.0$2.30/hr✔️
V100-32G32 GB30 GB8 vCPUs14.0$2.30/hr2x, 4x✔️
A500024 GB45 GB8 vCPUs27.8$1.38/hr2x✔️
A600048 GB45 GB8 vCPUs38.7$1.89/hr2x, 4x✔️
A10040 GB90 GB12 vCPUs19.5$3.09/hr2x
A100-80G80 GB90 GB12 vCPUs19.5$3.18/hr✔️

A100-80G machines will not display the GPU metrics in the metrics tab as of today. The machine still functions at its full capacity.

IPU Machines

Paperspace has partnered with Graphcore to offer Intelligence Processing Units (IPU) which are special accelerators built for machine learning.

The notebook terminal is available for all users, including those without a subscription

NameIPUsMemoryvCPUsCPU TypeTFLOPS (SP) (FP32)TFLOPS (FP16)Price/hrEquiv. Per IPU Price/hr
Free-IPU-POD44104 GB52 vCPUAMD2501000FreeFree
IPU-POD44104 GB52 vCPUAMD2501000$2.70/hr$0.68/hr
IPU-POD1616424 GB208 vCPUAMD10004000$19.08/hr$1.19/hr
Bow-POD1616424 GB208 vCPUAMD14005600$26.71/hr$1.67/hr

Free machines tier list

There are certain limits on free machines that assist in keeping the capacity for free notebooks available for all users who want access.

Auto-Shutdown: The maximum auto-shutdown limit for any free-machine is 6 hours

Inactivity: Any notebook that is inactive for 1 hour will auto-shutdown. This is to keep free machine capacity available for the Paperspace community.

Notebook Limit: Only 1 Notebook with a free machine can be running at a given time.

Public: On free subscriptions, notebooks with free machines will always be set to public. Upgrade to Pro/Growth if you would like to set free machines to private.

Note: We are currently offering a limited pool of free machines so your notebook may be Pending in the queue as you wait for a free machine to become available. If you need immediate access to machines, please consider upgrading to a paid machine type.

Free machines types improve with each level of Gradient subscription. This list describes the free machines that are available to each subscription tier.

Note: Free plans do not guarantee capacity and have certain limits.

Machine TypeFreePro planGrowth plan
Free CPU (C4)✔️✔️✔️
Free GPU+ (M4000)✔️✔️✔️
Free IPU-POD4✔️✔️✔️
Free P4000✔️✔️
Free RTX4000✔️✔️
Free P5000✔️✔️
Free RTX5000✔️✔️
Free A4000 🆕✔️✔️
Free A5000 🆕✔️
Free A6000 🆕✔️
Free A100-80G 🆕✔️