Public Jobs


Once you create a Paperspace Job, you can make it public to share it with others. A Public Job can be viewed and cloned by anyone with the link.

Making a Job public

To make a Job public, click the pop-out icon in the list view of the Job Runner to go to the Job Details page. Making a Job Public is as easy as clicking the "Private" button in the upper right corner of your Job's details, and then confirming.You'll get a link to your Public Job. Sharing a single Job does not give other users access to your Project or other Job runs.

Making a Job private

Should you choose to make your Job private again, just click the "Public" icon on your Job's details page. Anyone who has cloned the Job will still have their copy, but the link will take visitors to a generic page and your Job will no longer be viewable.

What do people see when I share my Public Job with them?

Anyone with your Job's link will have access to view the Job Details page, including the parameters, metrics, logs, workspace files and artifacts. If they have a Paperspace account they can clone it or download the Workspace. If not, they can create an account and then have access to those features.

What happens when my Job is cloned?

Your Job is unaffected by someone else cloning your Job. The user who clones a Job is now the owner of a cloned copy of your Job. The cloned copy will remain the same even if you make your original Job private.