Gradient clusters are private clusters that run machine learning workloads. Gradient clusters can be created on Paperspace Cloud as a managed service, directly on Paperspace Core VMs, on any other cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure), or on your own servers via the Gradient Installer.

Find out more about Gradient's multi-cloud capabilities here.

You can create a managed Gradient Cluster on Paperspace using the Web UI in a couple of clicks.

Choosing between our managed service, managed private clusters, and self-hosting Gradient

Managed Service (multi-tenant)

Managed Private Clusters

Self-Hosted Clusters


Shared, managed by Paperspace

Private, managed by Paperspace

Private, self-hosted

Setup time:


Setup time: 10 minutes

Setup time: 20-30 minutes


Notebooks (including Free GPUs!), basic experiments

Notebooks, experiments, deployments, model repo, data management, GradientCI

Notebooks, experiments, deployments, model repo, data management, GradientCI

Target audience:

Hobbyists & students

Startups & SMBs running production workloads

Mid-market & enterprise businesses conducting ML at scale

This section of our documentation covers the private cluster options. If you are looking to use our managed service, just create an account to get started right away.

Cluster pricing


Compute, Storage, & Networking The auxiliary compute, storage, and networking cost to run the cluster is $0.13/hr. In addition, instances used to run workloads are charged at the regular rate (see instance pricing) plus a small compute premium. What's included: Private Clusters require a minimum of one CPU node for cluster orchestration. The node is a C5 instance (see instance pricing) which costs $0.08/hour. Additionally, there is a $1/instance/month (pro-rated, billed per second) for any nodes in the cluster. There is also a minimum 500GB storage requirement (for persistent storage) which is $25/month.

Subscription Gradient Private Clusters require a T1 or great subscription.


Compute, Storage, & Networking Customers are responsible for their infrastructure costs. Gradient does not bill for any compute, storage, and networking costs other than the compute premium.

Subscription Gradient Private Clusters require a Essentials or great subscription.