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GitHub App

The Gradient GitHub App makes it easy to kick-off training runs in Workflows and Deployments by listening for commits in GitHub.


The Gradient GitHub App helps tie together the computing power of Gradient with the reproducibility and determinism of source control management.

With the GitHub App, it's possible to keep our code version-controlled during the application development process to ensure that our colleagues and collaborators will have the best possible experience.

How to connect the Gradient GitHub App

We'll first need to make a GitHub account if we don't already have one.

Within Gradient access account settings via Your Account in the upper right profile menu. Your account settings

Next, locate the Connect to GitHub button and press it. Look for the `Connect to Github` button in Account Settings.

Next, follow the prompt to authorize GitHub to install Gradient. Authorizing the GitHub App

The GitHub App does not require access to all GitHub repos. It is perfectly acceptable to grant access to a single repo or several repos.

For additional information, visit the Workflows Tutorial to learn more.