Organizing Projects

A Gradient Project is a workspace for you or your team to run Notebooks and Workflows, store Models, and manage Deployments. Projects create an additional isolation layer of organization and control (e.g. managing access) within your team. You can create a project in the web UI or the CLI.

Create a Project

Web UI
Web UI

On the Projects page, click Create Project.

Provide a name and then click Create Project.


The following command creates a Project called ExampleProject

gradient projects create --name ExampleProject [OPTIONS]





Name of new project [required]


Name of the repository


URL to the repository


Key to use this time only


Help for this feature

Get Your Project's ID

A Project's ID is a required parameter for several commands within Gradient.

Web UI
Web UI

To find the ID, click the ID in the Projects list to copy it to your clipboard:


To get a Project ID, you can use the following command:

gradient projects list

Managing access to a Project

To add other team members to a project, click any Project in the projects list to navigate to its Project details page and then click the Accessors tab:

On the Accessors tab you will find a list of users who already have access to the Project. Add an Accessor by clicking the "Manage" button on the right side of the page. Assign other team members to the Project by selecting their name in the drop-down and clicking on "Assign User":

You can also remove members' access to a Project by clicking the "Remove Access" button next to the member's name.

Note: Only existing team members will be displayed in the drop-down list. Only Team admins can add additional team members to this list.

Additionally, project access can only be controlled through the web console – Accessors cannot be added or removed through the Gradient CLI.

Deleting a Project

Web UI
Web UI

You can delete a project by visiting the project's Settings page and hitting the Delete Project button.


To delete a Project, you can use the following command:

gradient projects delete --id <project id>