Single-node & multi-node CLI options

Options common to both single-node and multi-node experiments

--name TEXT Name of new experiment [required]
--ports TEXT Port to use in new experiment
--workspace TEXT Path to workspace directory
--workspaceArchive TEXT Path to workspace .zip archive
--workspaceUrl TEXT Project git repository url
--workspaceUsername Github username for private repo
--workspacePassword Github password for private repo
--workingDirectory TEXT Working directory for the experiment
--artifactDirectory TEXT Artifacts directory
--clusterId TEXT Cluster ID
--experimentEnv JSON_STRING Environment variables in a JSON
--projectId TEXT Project ID [required]
--modelType TEXT Model type
--modelPath TEXT Model path

workspaceArchive and workspaceUrl are deprecated as of the 0.6.0 release version of the CLI. You can just use workspace going forward!

For workspace, valid schemes for values specifying a remote URL are: https, git+https, and s3, or you can specify "none". This means that, for example, [email protected] is not a valid scheme for a workspace.

For workspacePassword make sure create an Oauth access token on github

Options specific to single-node experiments

--container TEXT Container [required]
--machineType TEXT Machine type [required]
--command TEXT Container entrypoint command [required]
--containerUser TEXT Container user
--registryUsername TEXT Registry username
--registryPassword TEXT Registry password

A container, machine type, and command are required.

Optionally a Docker registry username and password can be provided for accessing private docker registry container images via the --registryUsername and --registryPassword options.

Also, using the --containerUser option, you can specify a UNIX user name to be used as the UNIX identity for running the specified command in the container. If no containerUser is specified, the user will default to 'root' in the container. This is useful when running a public container image with a different expected user, or when building a container image from a Dockerfile.

Options specific to multi-node experiments

--experimentTypeId [GRPC|MPI] Experiment Type ID [required]
--workerContainer TEXT Worker container [required]
--workerMachineType TEXT Worker machine type [required]
--workerCommand TEXT Worker command [required]
--workerCount INTEGER Worker count [required]
--parameterServerContainer TEXT
Parameter server container [required]
--parameterServerMachineType TEXT
Parameter server machine type [required]
--parameterServerCommand TEXT Parameter server command [required]
--parameterServerCount INTEGER Parameter server count [required]
--workerContainerUser TEXT Worker container user
--workerRegistryUsername TEXT Worker container registry username
--workerRegistryPassword TEXT Worker registry password
--parameterServerContainerUser TEXT
Parameter server container user
--parameterServerRegistryContainerUser TEXT
Parameter server registry container user
--parameterServerRegistryPassword TEXT
Parameter server registry password

In the case of multi-node experiments, both worker and parameter server instances need a container, machine type, command, count, and optionally a Docker registry username and password.

Note: --containerUser is not a supported option for multi-node experiments currently.