Storage Providers

Storage providers are a way to connect storage to Gradient. Gradient manages this storage provider to ensure that your data is verified and immutable. Gradient will create a folder with your Paperspace team handle at this storage provider. Gradient does not provide general s3 capabilities through the storage provider interface it is merely a way to manage credentials and the storage of specific Gradient features such as models, notebook workspaces and datasets currently only available on private and managed clusters.

Supported types:

  • S3-compatible storage

Configure your storage bucket

From within a new or existing S3 bucket, you'll need to edit the CORS configuration so your data can be viewed within Gradient.


To access an S3 compatible storage provider you may have to add CORS rules to your bucket

"AllowedHeaders": [
"AllowedMethods": [
"AllowedOrigins": [
"ExposeHeaders": [],
"MaxAgeSeconds": 3000

Within the bucket permissions settings, you'll see an option to edit the CORS configuration. Click edit, then copy and paste the JSON above, and then save your changes.

Add a Storage Provider

A Storage Provider can be created on your team's settings page.

Note: The "AccessKey" and SecretAccessKey" can be obtained from the "my security credentials" section of the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) portal. See the following:


A Storage Provider can also be created with the Gradient CLI

$ gradient storageProviders create s3 --name test --bucket my-bucket --accessKey=access-key --secretAccessKey=secret-key
Created storage provider: splgct3arqdh77c