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Pre-installation steps

Create gradient-cluster directory for your Terraform configuration

On your local computer, create a directory called gradient-cluster for your Gradient cluster Terraform files. You'll soon run Terraform from there to create your Gradient cluster during the main installation process. You'll be provided a configuration that will call out to gradient-installer to create and install Gradient – you do not need to clone down gradient-installer or run it directly.

Create Terraform provider file in S3 (optional)

To maintain Terraform state in a shared location (recommended), create a file in your gradient-cluster directory with the following Terraform configuration code:

terraform {
backend "s3" {
bucket = "artifacts-bucket"
key = "gradient-processing"
region = "us-east-1"
session_name = "gradient-processing-terraform"

Suggestion: replace artifacts-bucket above with the name of the artifacts storage bucket you created – that way your Terraform state will be stored in the same S3 bucket as your Gradient job artifacts.

Note: using a S3 bucket for shared state will require the ability to access a S3 bucket during Terraform runs. This means you'll need to have the aws-cli installed and appropriate credentials in place to access the bucket.