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Shared Drives

Shared storage accessible from machines within a Private Network


Shared Drives are designed to provide a data source accessible to one or multiple machine concurrently. Drives are commonly used to share files between machines and behave similarly to a local office file server (referred to as network-attached storage or NAS). Drives are mounted using standard tools within the OS.

Drives provide a file system interface and file system access control such as strong consistency and file locking. All file systems deliver a consistent baseline performance.

Shared Drives require a Private Network. Shared Drives will be available to machines added to this Private Network.

Tip: See the Mounting a Shared Drive tutorial for instructions on how to make this storage available for your team.

Create A Shared Drive

Shared Drives can be added anytime by clicking the Drives tab in the console.

  • Choose a name
  • Choose a size
  • Choose the region
  • Choose the network
  • Click create

Accessing the Shared Drive Path & Credentials

The path (network address) and Credentials can be accessed from the console Shared Drive list. From here, you can view the path (click to copy), view the username (click to copy) and copy the password to your clipboard.

Delete a Shared Drive

Shared Drives can be removed anytime by clicking the Drives tab in the console.

  • Select the ellipsis (...) menu
  • Click delete

Shared Drives Pricing

Shared Drives are billed per-second. Pricing is listed per month based on size:


If you require additional space, please open a ticket.

Charges accrue for as long as the Shared Drive exists.