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Public IPs

Public IP addresses allow your compute machines to be reachable over the internet.


Attaching a Public IP will enable your compute machines to be addressable over the internet.


  • Static IPs cannot be assigned to more than one machine at a time.
  • All Static IPs are IPv4
  • You cannot bring your own public IP to Core
  • You cannot use your public IP outside of Core
  • Public IP addresses forward all traffic to and from the "external" interface of your machine. This is typically called "eth0"(Linux), "Local Area Connection" (Windows 8) or "Network [#]" (Windows 10). This is not the loopback/localhost/ interface.

There are two types of Public IP addresses available in Core:

Static & Dynamic IPs

Static Public IPs

Static IPs remain in your account (on the Public IPs tab) until they are deleted. They can be attached and removed from machines at any time. Static IPs are available in all datacenter regions. They are region-specific resources and can only be assigned to machines within the same datacenter region.

Dynamic Public IPs

Dynamic IPs are deleted when you turn the machine off and you may receive a new IP when you turn the machine on.

How to assign a Public IP

When creating a machine

When creating a Paperspace machine, you'll have the option to attach a public IP under the Advanced Options:

From here, you can toggle static IP, dynamic IP, or none.

After a machine has been created

From machine details page

You can also attach one afterward from your console under the machine's details, by selecting your machine and either enabling Dynamic Public IP or selecting Add Static IP

Machine details page:

Dynamic IP

Static IP

From Public IP page (Static IPs only)

How to Release a Static IP

When you're done using a public IP, you can release it from your machine details page or the Network tab of your console under Public IPs. Releasing a public IP is permanent -- you cannot retrieve an IP once it is released.


When you delete a machine, you are given the option to simultaneously remove its associated Static IP. You may uncheck this option to hold onto the Public IP for future use, however you will continue to be charged $3/month for however long it remains on your account.

From machine details page

From Public IP page


Public IP addresses are $3/month. Billing is prorated for the time that they are used.