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Machine States & Error Codes


This document covers Core states and errors and what they mean.


Your Paperspace machine will go through several "states" in its lifetime:

Provisioning Ready Restarting/ Restarting and Installing Updates Inaccessible Shutting Down Off

  1. Provisioning

Provisioning is the first state of the machine lifecycle, which you'll see while your machine is being built. If your machine stays in Provisioning for more than ten minutes, we recommend submitting a support ticket to have a look.

Note: Your machine will go straight from Provisioning to Ready, so if you're not planning on using it right away, make sure you shut down your machine so you're not charged.

  1. Ready

You're good to go! Ready means your machine is powered on, and you can access it.

  1. Restarting/ Restarting & Installing Updates

We display when your machine is Restarting. If you have a Windows machine, we do our best to display when your machine is installing Windows updates, and sometimes these can take a while. We don't have any control over the length of these updates. However, if your machine takes longer than a couple of hours to restart, we recommend submitting a support ticket.

  1. Inaccessible

Something's up! If you see a little red exclamation point, hover over it to see the error code, if there is one. Error codes help us diagnose what's preventing your machine from being ready. Sometimes, inaccessible errors are caused by Windows updates that take longer than usual and clear on their own. If you've made changes to your machine that affect its connectivity to Paperspace or the internet, that will result in an inaccessible error as well. If the machine doesn't become accessible in 5-10 minutes, you may want to restart it, open a support ticket, or revert to a Snapshot.

  1. Shutting Down

You've initiated a stop event, and your machine is in the process of powering off. This should take anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.

  1. Off

The off-state is the only state in which your machine is powered down, and for hourly machines, this is the only state in which your machine is not incurring any hourly usage fees.


Some errors will resolve themselves after a brief period or after a restart of your machine. Others will require submitting a support ticket. Should you submit a ticket, please provide as much information as possible, especially the hostname of the machine, the error that you see, and what if anything preempted the error.

Error Codes

200-206Machine Agent not responding
208 - 209Linux agent setup incomplete
210Machine stuck starting up
211Machine stuck shutting down
212Machine stuck restarting
213Machine stuck upgrading
214Machine stuck provisioning