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Resize Machine

You can easily modify your machine's specs based on your current needs. When resizing, your files are persisted. An upgrade only modifies the amount of RAM, CPU, GPU, and Storage allocated to your machine. Some machines require creating a template in order to upgrade. See the valid upgrade targets section below.

Your machine must be powered down to resize, so if the machine is on, save your work and then shut it down. To upgrade, navigate to the machine details page which you can access by clicking on the machine tile.

Once on the settings page, click the "modify/upgrade" button next to the current machine type:

This will present you with a form for upgrading your machine. From here you can:

  • Change your machine from hourly to monthly, and vice versa.
  • Upgrade the machine type to add more CPU, RAM, and GPU
  • Increase your storage space


  • Increasing storage will expand your filesystem and is not reversible.
  • You cannot change the operating system of your machine.
  • If your machineis using a Standard GPU, it cannot be upgraded to a dedicated GPU.

Valid upgrade targets

  • Any Air, Standard, Advanced, or Pro machine can upgrade or downgrade to any of the other 3 Standard GPU types.
  • Any CPU-only machine (C1, C2, etc.) can upgrade or downgrade to any CPU-only machine type.
  • Some machines with Dedicated GPUs can upgrade or downgrade between GPUs in the same performance class. For example, you may be able to upgrade an M4000 (GPU+) to a P4000 but not a P4000 to a P5000. Check the upgrade form for your machine to see what is available. Performance classes are:
    • M4000, P4000, and RTX4000
    • P5000 and RTX5000
    • P6000
    • V100

Note: Modifying your machine will affect your billing cycle. For example, if you upgrade your storage in the middle of the month, your invoice will reflect your new storage rate but you will be charged a prorated amount for the new storage. For more information on how Paperspace billing works, see the Billing section.