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Creating a Custom Template (Windows)

Create a Template

Perform the following steps to create a custom template of a Paperspace Machine:

  1. Power your machine down

  2. In the Console, navigate to your machine's settings by clicking the gear in the machine's tile

  3. Click the Templates button

  4. Then click the "Create Template +" button

  5. Name your Template

  6. Click Create Template

Create a Machine from Your Template

Now that you have a Template, you can use it to create more machines.

  1. Click the Templates tab in your Console

  2. Click the Create Machine button from your Template. The create page will look just like a regular machine creation, but your Custom Template will be selected:

  3. Continue with creating your machine by selecting storage size, naming it, and adding any features you need!

Delete a Template

  1. Click the Templates tab in the navigation bar or find the original machine
  2. Click delete Template