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Creating a Custom Template (Linux)

In order to create a template based on the Linux images, please use the following procedure.


Machines created prior to August 2022 will become unusable after running the Template preparation script. We recommend taking a Snapshot before the Template creation, and then reverting back to that Snapshot once the Template is created.

  1. Create your Linux machine to your desired specifications.
  2. Use /usr/local/bin/ to prepare the machine for Template creation. You must add sudo before the command. i.e. sudo This step is required for machines created prior to August 2022. Any machine created after that can optionally run this script to clean up customizations and command history.
  3. The output will look like this:

  1. Power down the machine with sudo shutdown now (or sudo halt if that doesn't work).
  2. Return to your Paperspace Console.
  3. From the Machines tab, click on your machine's tile, select Templates in the machine details page, and click "Create Template".

Your Template will now be available for you to create new machines from under the Templates tab in your Console.