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Configuring Auto-Shutdown

Use the Auto-Shutdown feature to prevent idle runtime.


Auto-shutdown is a desktop streaming feature that allows you to set your machine to power off after being idle for a specified period. We highly recommend this for hourly users who want to safeguard against leaving their machines running by mistake.

The criteria for auto-shutdown are that there are no active connections to the machine. This means no open browser tab or the desktop app. Furthermore, if a system dialogue is active that requires input before escaping (like a "Do you want to save before quitting?" message from a word processor), auto-shutdown will not trigger.

Auto-shutdown can be enabled or disabled for each machine individually, by navigating to that machine's settings page in the console. You can set the frequency, or disable it entirely if you want your machine to stay on by selecting the Off option.

The criteria for Paperspace to initiate an auto-shutdown are that the machine must be no open Paperspace connections, meaning all browser tabs and app windows must be closed. See the note below for how we detect active connections.


Auto-shutdown will not trigger on a machine if it is displaying a system dialogue box that would prevent a normal shutdown. For example, if leaving a Microsoft Word document open on your desktop will prompt you to save or delete it if you try to shut down your machine, then the same goes for auto-shutdown!


Active connections can only be detected by the Paperspace client (browser or desktop app). If you are using RDP or another remote desktop client, we will not be able to detect this connection. As a result, it is best to leave auto-shutdown to "never" in this scenario to prevent losing work.