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Operating Systems

Base Templates

Operating System templates available by default within Core.


Core includes several operating systems (OS) options that can be used as a template to provision compute machines. These OS templates are managed by the Core team.

Base templates mostly look and feel like stock operating systems though they are lightly-customized to include a limited set of software by default (e.g. GPU drivers). Core management tools are also installed by default. These tools are used to perform certain functions such as adding your SSH Keys during provisioning. Note: While it is safe to remove these tools, you may lose access to certain features.

Some OS templates are server-only (only accessible from a shell e.g. SSH) while others include a full desktop environment. These options are demarcated below.


Base Templates are subject to change.


They stock OS options are referred to as Base Templates to distinguish between user managed Custom Templates.


Ubuntu 20.04 (Server)
Ubuntu 20.04 (Desktop)
Ubuntu 18.04 (Server)
CentOS 7 (Server)


Windows 10 (Server 2022) - Licensed
Windows 10 (Pro) - BYOL (Bring Your Own License)*
Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition - Licensed

* If you choose to bring your own license (“BYOL”), you are solely responsible for the compliance and management of your own license(s).


Public OS templates include software pre-installed by third-parties.

ML-in-a-Box (Desktop)

A Linux server with a suite of Machine Learning software packages included. See more info on GitHub.

A Linux desktop template with the learning module included.


A Windows Server 2022 desktop template is perfect for gaming