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Compute Overview

Easy, fast, and flexible compute machines capable of running virtually any workload. Start something new or scale up an existing project on affordable cloud GPUs with predictable pricing.

Core offers a wide range of compute machines that can easily be managed from a simple and intuitive console or API.
  • Largest selection of GPUs in the cloud
  • Fast spinup time
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Global availability
  • Deploy a standard distribution or custom image

Core machines are Linux or Windows-based virtual machines that run on top of virtualized hardware. Each machine you create is a new server or desktop you can use, either standalone or as part of a larger, cloud-based infrastructure.

Core machines achieve near bare-metal performance. Machines are multi-tenant which means they run on shared hardware but are completely isolated at the hypervisor level. Core provides each machine with a consistent and predictable amount of CPU, RAM, and GPU capacity, regardless of its underlying hardware. Machines use persistent storage, ensuring a familiar experience, commensurate with local computing.

Key Components

Machine Types
Pricing and specs of machines available within Core.
Datacenter Regions
Regional availability of Core datacenters.
Base Templates
Operating Systems available by default within Core.


Block Storage
Persistent storage attached to a single compute machines.
Shared Drives
Storage that can be access from multiple compute machines.
Manual and automated compute machine backups.


Private Networks
Dedicated virtual private networks. Securely share data across your compute machines.
Public IPs
Static & Dynamic Public IPs ar used to connect and exchange information over the internet.
VPN Gateways
VPN Gateways connect your Core private network to an on-site or third-party network.


There are no bandwidth charges for either ingress or egress.


There are two types of limits:

Service Limits

Certain items within Paperspace are governed by Service Limits. These limits are visible on the Billing tab of the console. Service limits are covered here.

Machine Type Limits

Certain machine types require approval. If you visit the console, you may see machines that are not selectable which means you need additional approval to access them. You can either place a request in the console or reach out to your account manager. Learn more here.