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Utilization Tracking

Paperspace offers granular visibility into current and historical compute and storage spend.



Compute covers Core machineruntime costs and runtime of Gradient resources, such as Notebooks and Workflows.


Storage "Buckets" include Datasets and Volumes, which represent persistent on cluster data for Notebook workspaces, your dataset cache, and your /storage volume.


Utilization does not include Core add-ons as well as payments for monthly subscriptions such as Gradient subscriptions, monthly Core machines, etc.

Viewing your Utilization

To view your utilization, click your profile icon in the upper right corner and select the Team Settings item from the dropdown. Then, navigate to the Utilization tab.

From here, you can filter by different product and subproducts, timeframes, users, etc. For example, this is a filtered view of compute consumption from Gradient Notebooks: