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Paperspace billing cycles are monthly. On the first day of each month, we invoice and charge your account’s payment method or deduct account credit, where applicable, for the previous month’s usage. We also charge for any active monthly subscriptions for the current month. Invoicing begins at Midnight (UTC) on the 1st of each month for all accounts.

Invoices list the charges an account has accrued in a billing cycle. Charges include resources usage, like Core machines you have run, how long you have run them, their size, and their cost. If your account does not use any resources, you do not receive an invoice.


Invoices may not fully populate within 48-72 hours. If a couple of days have passed and your invoice is still not populated, or if you have a question regarding what the invoice says, please contact support.

Invoices are also visible on the Billing tab, in the Invoices section:

In this section, you can view the invoice in your browser, view or download the PDF of the invoice. In teams, only admins can access billing information in the console.

Invoice Overview

At the top of your invoice, you'll find the invoice ID as well as your info e.g. VAT number, address, etc.

Your invoice itself contains sections for each product containing any subtotals (accrued utilization and/or upfront charges) where applicable.

At the bottom, you'll find the total, any balance carried from the previous period, and any account credit applied:

You can expand each section to view detailed utilization:

Options for printing and downloading your invoice are available from the top right corner of the invoice page:

Receiving a Copy of Your Invoice Via Email

You can select to receive a PDF copy of your invoice via email which will be sent to the address specified in your account profile.

Invoice Notes

  • We cannot change invoice and billing dates.
  • Invoices do not reflect pre-payments. Invoices are not receipts for any such payments.
  • We bill exclusively in USD and all invoices are in USD. We do not invoice in local currency.

Setting Compute Limits

You can configure compute limits (and alerts) to control team and user usage. See this article for more info.