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Billing Alerts & Limits

Setting Team Billing Alerts & Limits

Billing alerts and limits assists team admins in notifying and/or limiting compute spend at either the team or individual user level.

Alert Amount: The amount of compute spend defined in this field serves as a threshold: when the aggregate amount has been reached, whether setting a limit for a Team or a User, all Admins receive an email to that effect.

Max Amount: The amount of compute spend defined here is an absolute cap, meaning resources will be halted & suspended if this threshold is crossed, for Teams and Users respectively.

Important Note: This feature only applies to compute, i.e. other billable resources & add-ons, such as Public IP addresses and Shared Drives, are not considered.

Team Billing Alerts & Limits

Setting alerts or limits at the team level will send an alert or cap the spend

  • Click the profile icon in the top right of the console and then click Billing from the dropdown.
  • Find the Compute Limits section and set either an alert or a limit.

Individual Member Billing Alerts & Limits

  • Navigate first to Team Settings from the upper-right-corner menu.
  • Open the "Members" tab.
  • In the Members section, click on the member you want to modify, then set either an alert or limit.