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Billing Overview

Learn how to manage your invoice, including payment options, promo codes, and taxes.

Understanding Billing

Paperspace billing cycles are monthly with the exception of upfront charges e.g. Gradient Subscriptions.

Your account balance accrues over the course of the calendar month based on the cost of the resources you use. This amount + taxes (where applicable e.g. VAT in Europe) is then automatically invoiced on the first day of each month. Assuming there is a negative balance on the account, the invoiced amount is either deducated from any account credit on file or charged to your account's payment method. Where account credit only covers a portion of the invoice, the remainder is charged to the account's payment method.

Payment & Charges

Paying your Bill
Making payments, monthly vs. contract billing, and due dates.
Payment Methods
How to add, edit, and remove payment methods.
Manage your invoice, including payment methods, credit, and taxes.
Taxes and VAT
Learn about how and where taxes are applied.

Cost Management

Alerts and Limits
Billing alerts and limits assists customers in controlling spend.
Promo Codes and Credit
Account credit such as promo codes can be used to pay your balance.
Utilization Tracking
Track current and historical compute and storage spend.