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Referral Program

If you enjoy our services and want to share with friends and colleagues, you can earn account credit by referring others to Paperspace.

Anyone you refer to Paperspace that signs up with your unique referral code will receive $10 in credit immediately after adding a valid payment method. In return for helping us spread the word, we'll give you $15 for each friend that signs up once they are billed $25 as a Paperspace customer. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer and credits you can earn. There’s no limit to the amount of referral credit you can earn.

How do I get started?

Your unique referral code can be accessed from your Profile page under the Referrals section. You can share this code with anyone. It will appear on your account once you have a valid credit card on file.


Note: Your unique referral code is located within your Private Workspace. Additional Team workspaces you create will not generate nor display a new code.

How do I redeem a referral code?

New users can enter their referral code in the billing section under Promo Codes. Existing users who have already used Paperspace products may not redeem referral codes.