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Account Overview

The account section covers all aspects of managing your personal account settings, team management, security, and more.

Account Types

Your Personal Account

Every Paperspace user has a Private Workspace with a unique namespace (your username) when they sign up. The Private Workspace is yours for your own CORE and Gradient resources. If you want to share access to your resources and collaborate with others, you'll want to create a new team.


Teams are a great way to collaborate with people inside and outside of your organization. Teams are available at no cost and can be created and deactivated directly in the console. As a user, you can be a member of an unlimited number of teams. Learn more about teams here.

Account Management

Account Settings

The Account Settings section lets you view and edit your account information, like changing your name, enabling 2FA, changing your email address, and deactivating your account.


Paperspace offers a variety of security controls such as Two-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-On, and SSH Key management. View the security page for more information on how to secure your account.


Send your friends $10 in Paperspace credit and earn $15 for each one that signs up. View your Profile to find your unique referral code. You can learn more about the program here.

Getting Support

To get help with your account or services from our Customer Support team, create a ticket.